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Ampler Commuter Stories - Yves riding the Curt in Zurich

Yves commutes 15 km every day with his Ampler Curt. We met up with Yves to hear his thoughts on cycling, e-bikes and commuting in Zurich.

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Integrated electronics
Ampler is a regular-looking bicycle with integrated superpowers. No bulky batteries, thumb throttles or complex screens. All electronics are hidden in the frame so you could simply hop on and cycle as you normally would while enjoying the secret boost from the motor.
Starting at 13.5 kg, Ampler e-bike models weigh as little as lightweight city bikes, making it easy to pick up and carry them when needed.
70 km on one charge
The average battery assisted range is 70 km, giving you peace of mind on all your rides. And even if you run out of juice, you simply keep on cycling like you would on a regular bicycle. It takes just 2.5 hours for a full charge.
Smooth, intuitive and safe
To make the ride smooth, Ampler e-bike is equipped with a torque sensor that makes the motor assist intuitive and dynamic – the harder you pedal, the more the bike assists you. This puts you always in control of the bike and keeps your ride safe.
A truly smart bike
You have a window into your bike via Ampler mobile app where you can customise the motor assist settings, track your rides, navigate with built-in maps, and receive over-the-air firmware updates.
Creating better commuting experiences
Our electric bikes give you the independence and freedom in cities that exceed any other mode of transport. With Ampler, you’re never stuck in traffic, you’re no longer dictated by public transport schedules or parking spaces, and you remove wind and hills from the equation.
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