Feel the freedom of cycling with a bike that takes you further.

Ampler is a light electric bike for the urban cyclist that takes you further without breaking a sweat.


Riding our bike is simple – you simply cycle.


No thumb throttles, complex screens or other clutter. Combining modern technology with a traditional bicycle makes pedalling lighter and gets you places quicker. It’s cycling with extra spark.

We build bikes with purpose.

We aim to build bikes that you have a need for in your day-to-day life. That means that every feature, component and detail of our electric bikes is thought through.

We see the electrified Ampler as evolution of the bicycle as we know it. We keep on cycling but with a new generation of bicycles.

Battery inside the frame

Not only because of looks – it’s the best use of the empty space, it keeps the weight down, it’s safe, hiding the important bits from outside elements like the rain and cold.

Assisted range of 70 km

A range of 70 km is more than enough for daily commutes, while keeping the bike light and nimble. Big batteries are bulky and heavy.

Stealthy regular bicycle look

Our bikes look like regular bicycles because we all want to ride bicycles, not bicycle-like spacecrafts.

The people & story behind Ampler

We’re a team of cyclists, technologists and engineers childhood friends from in and around Tallinn

Ampler got a start as a fun side project. We loved playing around with bikes and technology, so we decided to see if we could build an electric bicycle that’s fun to ride.


The three founders – a professional motocross racer, an engineer and a bicycle designer – loved the process and fell in love with the first prototype, creating a feeling that this could be something bigger than a pet project.


Our initial goal was simple – getting from point A to B on a bicycle in an effortless and fun fashion. When we finally came up with the design that allowed us to fit the battery and electronics inside the frame, we were determined to make our thoughts into reality.


By now, we’ve been building electric bikes for nearly 4 years.


By supporting Ampler, you will be part of creating a shift in the world of electric bikes, where all bikes are practical, great-looking and built with quality in mind.


All Ampler bikes are hand-assembled in Tallinn and delivered to your door free of charge.

The team
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CEO and co-founder

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CTO and co-founder

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Workshop Manager and co-founder

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Customer Experience Manager

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Community and Showroom Manager

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Head of Marketing

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Head of Production

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Customer Support Manager

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Head of Software Development

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Berlin Mechanic

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Assistant Mechanic, Packaging

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Assistant Mechanic, Packaging

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