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Watch how Alain Buffing Cycles 800km with an Ampler

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Alain, 13 Jul 16:36, Finished

Would you embark on a 800 km bicycle trip from Amsterdam to Berlin on an e-bike? If so, how would you prepare for the trip mentally and physically? Find out how Dutchman, adventurer, entrepreneur @alainbuffing finished the Ampler e-bike adventure in 6 days, with the intention of spreading the word about clean energy, and strong health benefits of good nutrition and cycling. #amplerchallenge #rideampler #amplerbikes #electric #challenge #gooutside #rideabike #distance_800

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Alain, 27 Jun 17:39, Finished

The Ampler Challenge - final stop! Our brand new showroom in Berlin (Kollwitzstrasse 47). Alain cycled 800 km in 6 days from Amsterdam to Berlin and the emotions are currently sky-high. Stay tuned for the adventure re-caps ????????????

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Alain, 27 Jun 17:31, Finished

CHALLENGE COMPLETED ✔️ - @alainbuffing made it to Berlin and completed 800 km of distance from #Amsterdam to #Berlin on an e-bike! Congrats Alain!!! What a journey!

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Alain, 27 Jun 08:38, 700km

Day 6 - last day of the Ampler challenge. We have about 80- 100 km to cycle towards the end of the challenge! 800 km in total, riding for clean energy ????

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Alain, 26 Jun 19:58, 650km

Day 5 - today we covered 175 km and boy it was tough. Got stuck in the woods, had to search for a charging spot and all in all it was a long day. The overnight stop though is absolutely breathtaking, like an award for tackling the challenges today. We are currently at 650 km in total so tomorrow will be the last leg of the challenge. Wish me luck!!

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Alain, 26 Jun 08:13, 475km

Day 5 - Setting off from Braunsweig for another 150+ km ride today. We got an early start, so hopefully we’ll finish before the dark. Keep your eyes out for updates throughout the day!

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Alain, 25 Jun 19:45, 475km

Day 4 - Wrapping up today with good emotions. Did 100 km and reached the goal of the day. The weather is starting to slowly clear up and tonight we get to sleep in an amazing hotel and treat ourselves for crossing the halfway mark. Stay tuned for tomorrow, exciting things coming up! And don’t forget to check the story highlights ????????????

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Alain, 25 Jun 09:27, 400km

Day 4 - 400 KM! We are half way done! Reaching Hannover soon and the weather is still poor, but the feeling of being half way done is such an energy boost!!????

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Alain, 25 Jun 06:07, 373km

Day 4 - yesterday was such a tough day. Rain and wind really put us in a test. But hey, it’s called Ampler Challenge, so a few tougher days wont break us. We’ll soon reach the half point of our route, stay tuned for updates ????????????

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Alain, 24 Jun 16:23, 373km

Day 3 of the Ampler Challenge - We completed 102km today, so another century. Since yesterday was so long and intense, it took us a whole hour to get into the route again. While the weather was tough today, the overall feeling is good and strong. We’ve made it to 373 km so far

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Alain, 24 Jun 11:47, 300km

We reached 300 km at 11:30am today near Bad Essen. Almost half the challenge is done. The weather has turned cold and rainy, but the magical landscapes on the way even it out. Check out the longer recap from our highlights ????

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Alain, 24 Jun 08:09, 273km

Day 3 of the Ampler Challenge with a view from the cockpit. Yesterday was tough - Alain covered over 160 kilometres and finished the ride in pitch black darkness at 23.30. Alain’s body is starting to feel the effects (read: some pain here and there) of long distance cycling but his spirits are good. Check out the stories above throughout the day ???????????? • • • #amplerchallenge #distance_273 #fahrrad #fahrradliebe #fahrradtour???? #electricbike #bicycle

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Alain, 23 Jun 15:52, 179km

Today’s ride is taking a bit longer than expected and we’re currently at 179 km. We’ve seen some amazing small vilages and landscapes on the way, and we’ll cover 80 km more today. Final destination for day 2 will be Osnabrück. Wish me luck

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Alain, 23 Jun 08:56, 109km

Day 2 kick off for the Ampler Challenge- couldn’t wish for a better start. Check out our stories for updates throughout the day ????????????#amplerchallenge #distance_109

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Alain, 23 Jun 08:05, 109km

First day of the Ampler Challenge ✔️. Finished last night around 9:30pm at Beemte and covered a total of 109 km. Ready to kick off day two!!

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Alain, 22 Jun 16:32, 55km

55 km in at Amersfoort. Spirits are high and the adventure adrenaline is running ????

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Alain, 22 Jun 09:59, 0km

And off we go!!! 800 km on an e-bike - we’ve got this!

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Alain, 20 Jun 08:33, 0km

“Travel, food and sports are the three biggest passions of my life. By embarking on this challenge, I have the opportunity to spread the word about clean energy, physical exercise and healthy nutrition”

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Alain, 20 Jun 08:29, 0km

“I will cycle 800 km from Amsterdam to Berlin on Ampler Curt, and I will bring you with me every step of the way”

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Alain, 20 Jun 08:26, 0km

Introducing The Ampler Challenge: “Hi, I’m Alain and I will take on a Ampler Electric Bike Challenge starting this Friday”

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Time to complete

6 Days

CO2 saved compared to a car

199-200 g/CO2


30 560

The number of excuses for not doing it
when aided by electricity.

The Rider

Alain Buffing, Netherlands

While Dutch, not a regular cyclist – will ride 800 kilometres on Ampler’s electric bicycle from Amsterdam to Berlin. Originally from Amsterdam, Alain now runs a nutrition company called The Temple in Berlin. By tackling the lengthy challenge, Alain will draw attention to:

Environmental benefits of cycling

By riding an electric (or regular) bike, you emit 12 times less
per kilometre (22 g/km) compared to driving a
passenger car (271 g/km)

No excuses for not cycling

Electric bikes break down physical barriers like wind, hills
and sweat, so everyone can ride a bicycle regardless of their
physical shape or the surrounding terrain.

Cycling   +   Nutrition   =   Health


The Bike

Ampler Curt, Estonia


Electric assisted range



250W with 500W
peak output

Weight for this setup


This is how long it takes to cover this distance with various means of transportation

plain icon train icon car icon bike icon

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